A love like no other...

A Tribute to Mary Jane Craig

Mary Jane’s now gone to heaven,

Leaving me down here below.

How I’ll ever cope without her.

I’m not sure. I just don’t know.


Sixty-three years spent together.

Never spent much time alone.

Her leaving feels just like a dagger,

Cutting me right to the bone.


Always loving ever sharing

All that time right from the start

But now she has been torn from me

Leaving a void deep in my heart.


She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s,

In the year two thousand-eight.

We knew that it could not be cured,

It was now our task to wait.


From that time on I did for her,

Everything that I then knew.

And in my mind I fought the fact,

There was nothing I could do.


The last two months she spent on earth,

She went thru living hell.

The Parkinson’s devouring her,

Was ripping me as well.


Confusion and hallucinations,

Now flooding in her mind.

A way to help her cope with it,

I simply could not find.


The Parkinson’s is a disease

I now know far too well

And I’m convinced its origin comes

From the deepest bowels of hell.


On Sunday morning August first,

The Parkinson’s had won.

I’d lost the battle for her,

Now I must try to go on.


Over sixty years she was the essence

That made out house a home

And now to go look for another

I simply am not prone.


I could search the whole world over,

And it all would be in vain.

For I’ll never find another,

That compares to Mary Jane.