"My Savior's got me..."

It's always interesting when your conversation with a cancer patient begins with... "...they kept me incarcerated at Methodist hospital for 9 months for treatment...it was mostly experimental..."


Johnnie Armes was first diagnosed with testicular cancer that had advanced into his lymph nodes. He was "doing time" for the choices he had made.


Everyone who knew Johnnie knew that he was serious about his drug and alcohol use and was, as he put it, "not a very nice guy."


His first diagnosis was in 1986, and he faced an uncertain future. Back in those days, by his own admission, he would say "I was not seeking God at all."


They successfully treated his cancer, but it would return multiple times. When cancer visited again, it was in his liver. Johnnie was told that his "recreational" choices were not consistent with getting better. If he was not going to make the effort to get sober, they were going to be forced to exclude him from any opportunities to qualify for a liver transplant.


Johnnie's story will challenge and inspire...