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We rely on volunteers in order to minister to everyone who comes to us in their time of need. We want to connect your passions and skills with opportunities that allow you to serve those who need your help. Check out the different ways to volunteer in our Volunteer’s FAQs.

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can volunteer for Gilead?


Anyone who wants to be involved in encouraging cancer patients and their families. We welcome all ages to volunteer. For more information or age and skill requirements, see question four.


2. How do you sign up to volunteer?


Sign up with the volunteer form on the right of this page or call our office at 765-664-3734.


3. What are the requirements for volunteering?


Each volunteer position has different requirements. To find out how you can get involved, check out our volunteer opportunities below. For more information, email us at information@gileadministries.com.


4. What are the different ways I can volunteer?


Gilead offers many opportunities to volunteer. You can volunteer to serve patients dealing with illness or families affected by grief. Our greatest need is office volunteers. Find what interests you below.


Card Ministry: Send cards to patients and grieving families on a monthly basis and around the holidays.


Light Housework: Clean and help with other tasks around a patient’s house as needed.


Hospital Visits: Make friendly visits with patients in the hospital.


Fundraising: Help with our fundraising events, including the tenderloin fry, car show, golf scramble and banquet.


Yardwork: Complete necessary yard work around a patient’s house. Yard work service is usually a full day commitment.


Phone Encouragement: Call and encourage families whom Gilead supports. Werequest that you’re available to volunteer once a week. Our staff will train and mentor you to make phone calls.


Mailers: Stuff envelopes, fold flyers and label mail at our office. Mailers work for one to four hours at a time to put together the mail we send to those affiliated with Gilead.


Office: Serve at our front desk as support staff and complete other miscellaneous tasks. Office volunteers are our greatest need.


Home Visits: Visit patients upon their request. While it’s a rare volunteer need, it’s extremely valuable to patients who request it.


Public Speaking: Learn about our ministry and then represent us to the public. A board or staff member will mentor you to help you better understand our ministry and philosophy.


Meal Preparation: Cook or prepare meals as needed.


Home repair: Repair and renovate houses to allow patients to move around easily at home. Examples include building wheelchair ramps and installing railings.


Church Recruitment: Speak to churches about our mission to encourage donations and recruit volunteers.


Transportation: Drive patients to the hospital or other appointments as needed. Volunteer must be at least 25 years old.


5. How often do you have to volunteer?


We’ll schedule you to volunteer according to your availability. We work hard to connect you to opportunities that will most impact a patient’s life.


6. Why should I volunteer for Gilead?


Patients need ongoing encouragement for healing and support to know they’re notalone on their journey. Volunteering with Gilead is a unique opportunity to serve cancer patients and their families.


Volunteers like Noele Hagen make it possible to for us to reach patients like Ron Forsythe. Check out this video to see what kind of impact our volunteers make in their communities.

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